Rectangular Grid

Rectangular Grid

Creates a regular grid of rectangular polygons according to the set number of rows and columns over the area of interest specified by the provided data. The grid is constructed for each individual layer in the provided datasets.


The tool constructs a regular grid of rectangular polygons. The extent of the area over which the grid is created is defined by the extent (bounding box) of each layer's data in the provided datasets. The grid cell size varies depending on how many rows and columns the area should be divided into.

Keywords: geoprocessing, vector, area, grid, regular


  • Input vector geodata - Requires vector dataset(s) over which a grid is created.
  • Number of rows of the resulting grid -
  • Number of columns of the resulting grid -
  • Output coordinate system - Choose what coordinate system the output data (regular grid) should be in.
  • Output format - Select file format for data (regular grid) to download.


Vector polygon dataset(s) with regular rectangular grid geometry.


  • 2021-05-31 15:18 - The tool has been created.