Extract points from lines or polygons

Extract points from lines or polygons

Extracts vertices (corner points) of input polylines or polygons to a new point layer of specified output vector format or text CSV format. It's also possible to transform output coordinates to different coordinate system.


This tool allows to extract points (vertices) from polyline or polygon vector data to a new point layer. Attribute table of the resulting point layer can be filled with the values from original polygon or polyline layers by selecting the required attribute. The tool can extract vertices only from one layer - so if input data contains more layers, user has to choose which layer should be extracted. It is possible to select from various output vector formats and text CSV format (containing X and Y columns). Optionally, it's possible to transform the output coordinates to a different coordinate system than the input geodata have.

Keywords: extract, vertices, polygons, points


  • Input vector data - Requires polyline or polygon vector data
  • Datasource to extract the points from - Select a single datasource from input files
  • Layer to extract the points from - Allows to choose only a specific layer from your multilayer file (kml, gpx, ...) to which the tool is applied
  • Required attribute - Select an attribute from input data to copy to extracted point layer
  • Output coordinate system - Choose what coordinate system the output data should be in
  • Output format - File format of output data


Extracted points (vertices) from input polylines or polygons.


  • 2020-11-30 12:27 - The tool has been created.

Extract points from lines or polygons