Instant Features Drawing

Instant Features Drawing

Draw points, lines or polygons interactively to a map and get the result geodata in various file formats and coordinate systems. Supported output vector formats are e.g. ESRI Shapefile, KML, GeoJSON, GeoPackage, GML and SQLite / Spatialite. And all common coordinate systems are supported.


The tool is a great helper for everyone who, for example, needs to draw a situation on a map and pass it to someone else - in requested file format and coordinate system. It's very easy to digitize basic map elements such as buildings, roads or points of interest. As a background it's possible to choose a very detailed OpenStreetMap or other map layers. Each created feature has an ID attribute having an ascending number - according to the order of drawing. The user can draw point markers, polylines, rectangles or polygons.

Keywords: draw, map, feature, vector, point, polygon, polyline


  • Features - Draw point, polyline or polygon features to a map.
  • Output format - Select file format for data to download.
  • Output coordinate system - Choose what coordinate system the output data should be in.


Geodata file(s) in selected format and coordinate system. If the drawing contains more geometry types (e.g. points + polygons) but the selected output format doesn’t support multiple geometry types (e.g. ESRI Shapefile), then multiple files are created - one for each geometry type.


  • 2020-11-30 13:00 - The tool has been created.