Convert multi-geometries to single-geometries

Convert multi-geometries to single-geometries

Creates singlepart geometries generated by separating multipart input vector layer geometries. The tool converts Multipoint, Multilinestring or Multipolygon geometry to Polygon, Linestring or Point geometry.


Some processes or tools generates geometry as multipart type - e.g. MULTIPOINT, MULTILINESTRING or MULTIPOLYGON. In some cases it is an appropriate approach (e.g. countries with multiple islands are represented by a single feature in a vector layer and attribute table) but in some cases there is no reason to have multi-geometry type and even some software strictly requires to import vector data only as single geometries. Then you can use this tool and easily convert a multi-geometry type to a single-geometry type. If the input multi-geometry is composed from more parts, then it is splitted to separate features having just a single-geometry and the same attributes like the original feature.

Keywords: multipart, singlepart, geometry, convert


  • Input vector data - Requires multi-geometry type vector data.
  • Output format - Select file format for data to download.


Vector datasets without multi-geometries.


  • 2020-12-01 12:59 - The tool has been created.