Regular Square Grid

Regular Square Grid

Creates a square grid of regular polygons over the area of interest specified by the provided data. The regular grid is created for each individual layer in the provided datasets. The alignment of grid cells can be selected from several options.


The tool constructs a grid of regular square polygons of given size for each layer in uploaded data. The size of the cell in the polygon grid is specified in units of the selected coordinate system (e.g. in case of WGS 84 in degrees or WGS 84 / UTM zone 33N in meters).

You can select the regular grid alignment from three options: "Cell borders to the Bounding Box of the data", "Cell centers to Bounding Box of the data" or "Round coordinates". The first two options set how the grid cells are aligned with respect to the input data and the third option rounds the grid coordinates to numbers based on the grid cell size value.

Keywords: geoprocessing, vector, area, grid, regular


  • Input vector geodata - Requires vector dataset(s) over which a grid is created.
  • Size of the cell in the regular grid as a value in units of output coordinate system - Distance of the cells centers in the grid, also length of the cell side. E.g. in case of WGS 84 in degrees or WGS 84 / UTM zone 33N in meters.
  • Select units in which `Maximal segment length` is expressed. - In which units `Maximal segment length` is expressed.
  • Select alignment of the regular grid - How cells in the regular grid should be aligned?
  • Output coordinate system - Choose what coordinate system the output data (regular grid) should be in.
  • Output format - Select file format for data (regular grid) to download.


Vector dataset(s) with square grid geometry.


  • 2021-03-17 14:00 - The tool has been created.

Regular Square Grid